Jan 23

Special Meeting – We need your vote

The Sandy Creek Homeowners Association Special Meeting and Budget Notice
When: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 7pm
Where: Orange County Library, Alafaya Branch, 12000 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826
What: Purpose of the meeting is to adopt the proposed budget for 2015.

IMPORTANT: Our mailboxes look bad and we would like to replace them. We have the reserves to do it without requiring additional dues from homeowners, but we must have a positive vote to get it accomplished. Please show up or respond to the noticed mailed to you so we can get this done.

Thank you

Dec 25

Christmas Eve in the neighborhood.

20141224_193403_001-MOTION2014-12-24 19.45.35-MOTION

Dec 09

Christmas in Sandy Creek

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Oct 30

Special Meeting and Budget Notice

Update: The meeting for December 4, 2014 is canceled for reasons out of our control. We will be rescheduling to meet in January.

Thank you

Sep 12

New Mail Boxes NOT Coming without Your Vote

photo+1 photo+2 photo+3

These pictures are show a sample of what new mail boxes will look like when complete. Old mail boxes will be discarded and these will be cemented in the ground. Your hard HOA dues put to work.


Jun 23

Please Help

Please help Javier Escobar gain the strength he needs to recover from the massive stroke he suffered. Show your Love & Support!

Jun 12

4th of July Fireworks

Put it on your calendar. Sandy Creek Homeowners Association will have a fireworks show on July 4th at 9pm. We hope everyone enjoys the show.

May 28

HOA Meeting Information

We did not have enough homeowners at the meeting on May 27th, so we did not vote for a new board. We did discuss some things.

Basketball Hoops - When not used, they should be stored on the side of the house, NOT IN THE STREET.

Parking – Parking facing the wrong way will be ticketed. Cars are not to be parked blocking the sidewalk and may be ticketed. Cars may not be parked on both sides of the street across from another or they will be ticketed.

May 07

Sandy Creek Homeowners Association Meeting

We will be holding our annual board meeting on Tuesday, May 27th at the Alafaya Library. We are holding it later than usual due to the overdue management company change that was desired by most. Please come and interact with us.cropped-sandy-creek.jpg

Apr 03

Department of Transportation Update

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow the contractor will be out by pond 900 for planning purposes and Monday (or possibly as early as this Friday) they will begin clearing the trees and other growth.
Please let your neighbors know.
Thanks and have a great afternoon.

Alicia Arroyo | Public Involvement Coordinator
Quest Corporation of America
In-House FDOT Consultant – District 5
Phone: 407-482-7813

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