Apr 03

Department of Transportation Update

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow the contractor will be out by pond 900 for planning purposes and Monday (or possibly as early as this Friday) they will begin clearing the trees and other growth.
Please let your neighbors know.
Thanks and have a great afternoon.

Alicia Arroyo | Public Involvement Coordinator
Quest Corporation of America
In-House FDOT Consultant – District 5
Phone: 407-482-7813

Apr 03

Management Company Update

The transition is nearly complete as we have removed Don Asher and Associates and Beth Palmer with Property First is our new property manager for the community. Expect to receive a welcome letter in the next couple of weeks. See Frequently Asked Questions page of the website.


We will hold our annual homeowners association meeting within the next 6 weeks. We will address the new HOA dues schedule. We should be moving to an annual fee that is lower than what is currently being paid on an annual basis.

Mar 27

DOT (Department of Transportation) Correspondence Summary

Most know that we met with DOT on February 17th regarding the construction of the widening of East Colonial Drive and the construction of a runoff pond in the lot in front of the community. They followed up and met with as on the 13th of March with revised plans. We followed up with a petition of what the community would desire for the best interest of the homeowners. The land does belong to the Department of Transportation and ultimately they do not have to make changes, but they negotiated with us following our petition.

  • Original Plans of DOT: Leave 150 feet of trees between East Colonial Drive and the new retention pond. Clear out all the trees on the land between our Sandy Creek subdivision and the 150 feet of trees closest to the road. Fence the area off and dig a retention run-off pond inside the fence. In the event the pond is full, it has a system in place to run off into the Econlockhatchee river. The widening and sidewalk was planned to stop in an area approximately even with the ABC Liquor Store across the street.
  • 2/17/14 – We requested a tree line barrier placed between Sandy Creek and the retention pond. We also requested the sidewalk to be continued to Sandy Creek Lane so we did not have to cut through the grass to reach the sidewalk to get to the new businesses on the corner of Avalon Park Dr and East Colonial.
  • 3/13/14 – DOT met with us instead of holding our annual HOA meeting. They agreed to have the pond restructured so that they leave a 30 foot tree line between our community and the pond. They did not explicitly agree to the sidewalk.
  • 3/26/14 – DOT accepted our petition and we agreed to the proposed changes. They also agreed to construct the sidewalk all the way to Sandy Creek Lane. See correspondence below.

From DOT (3/20/14):

Thank you for sending us the signed petition from the Sandy Creek HOA.
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) needs clarification that having received the signed petition from the Sandy Creek HOA and yourself as their representative you understand and chose the following:

1.     Chose to move forward with the Alternate Design for Pond 900 presented to us at the Sandy Creek HOA meeting held on Thursday, March 13th at the Orange County Library at 12000 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32826

2.       Understand that the pond will not be built closer to SR 50.

3.       Understand that the FDOT is researching the feasibility of constructing a side-walk from the Sandy Creek Community to connect with the side-walk in front of the mini mall and will advise us within the next week.

4.       Understand that the intersection of SR 50 and Sandy Creek Lane is not a feasible location for a traffic signal at the current time.

Please advise by end of business today so we can begin the process.

Thank you.
Alicia Arroyo | Public Involvement Coordinator
Quest Corporation of America
In-House FDOT Consultant – District 5
Phone: 407-482-7813


To DOT (3/21/14):

The Sandy Creek Homeowners Association appreciate and accept the proposed changes to the pond with the expectation that:
1-The sidewalk is completed along Highway 50 East Colonial Dr to Sandy Creek Lane with the existing sidewalk that ends near the corner of Scalp Park Blvd and East Colonial Dr.
2-Special consideration for the leveling of the land on the North West Corner of the DOT land closest to the Sandy Creek community. We do not have hills is East Orlando like the far West side of town, so we do not feel that a 2 to 1 slope is reasonable to be accepted.
In accepting the DOT pond restructure proposal, it is agreed that the fence location will not change but there will be a 30 foot strip of trees between the Sandy Creek Community and the new pond.


From DOT (3/26/14):

Good Morning Again,
We have good news for the Sandy Creek HOA, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will construct a sidewalk across the front of pond 900 along SR 50 to connect Sandy Creek Lane to the existing sidewalk that was constructed by the ALDI developer.
However, the FDOT will not be constructing a sidewalk on Sandy Creek Lane. The residents can use the existing sidewalk along the east side of Sandy Creek Lane to access the proposed sidewalk along SR 50.

Thank you and have a great day.
Alicia Arroyo | Public Involvement Coordinator
Quest Corporation of America
In-House FDOT Consultant – District 5
Phone: 407-482-7813

Mar 12

New Management Company for Sandy Creek HOA

Yes, we have a new property manager and it is Beth Palmer with Property First.

No, HOA fees will not go up. In fact we will be reducing them slightly and moving to semiannual payments. So please do not send in a payment to Don Asher for April. If you do send your payment in April, it will be credited towards future payments.

Yes, you are still responsible for catching up your past due HOA dues. You may catch those dues up with Don Asher for the remaining of the month, but DO NOT SEND TO DON ASHER AFTER MARCH 31, 2014.

Please come to Part 1 of our annual HOA board meeting Thursday at 7pm at the Alafaya Library on East Colonial Dr across the street from Radio Shack (because Publix isn’t there anymore). At this meeting we will meet with the Department of Transportation and discuss the changes to the property between our community and East Colonial Dr. We will also discuss the management change and welcome Beth Palmer as our new property manager.

Part 2 of our annual HOA board meeting will be held 2 weeks after on Thursday the 27th at 7pm at the Alafaya Library. We will be voting for new board members and discussing various topics of interest.

Below is our new management companies information. It is also listed on the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

Beth Palmer, President

Property First, Inc.
PO Box 4656
Winter Park, Fl. 32793
221 Walton Heath Dr, Orlando, FL 32828
800 Number: 1 800 282 8083
Local Area: 407 282 6795
Fax: 407 282 6515
Email: beth@propfirst.com



Christmas Pictures

A little late, but hopefully we will bring the Christmas Cheer back stronger every year.

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Mar 11

New Management for the Better

As of 3/10/14, the Sandy Creek HOA Board has met with various prospective management companies due to our many issues with Don Asher. We sought out many bids and attempted to interview many different companies as we posted the board meetings on this page of the website.

After careful consideration, the board agreed to proceed in entering a new management contract with Property First and terminating the contract with Don Asher and Associates. See the completed termination letter here.

We are expecting to eliminating the quarterly payment due in April 2014 as we are going to restructure our HOA dues to a slightly smaller semi-annual payment. Past due HOA dues will remain collectible, so please pay them promptly when requested by Property First.

Please come to our annual HOA board meeting this Thursday evening at 7pm at the Alafaya Library where we will be meeting with the Department of Transportation and discussing the changes of East Colonial Drive and its direct impact on our community. We will also be introducing Beth Palmer with Property First as our new homeowner’s association management company.

Feb 25

Website Changes

Some changes have been made to the HOA website. The Contact Us form is fixed and there are no comments allowed on any pages. If you have a comment, please include it on the Contact Us form. We would like to encourage you to use the Contact Us form if you would like your business listed on the website. Your information will only be listed if you click on an appropriate community status.

The News and Events page is updated. Please note that we are breaking down the Annual Meeting to 2 different meetings. The first, Thursday March 13th, will be to discuss the changes on East Colonial with effects to our community along with an evaluation of our HOA Management Company, Don Asher. The 2nd meeting on the 27th will be a followup to the management company evaluation and we will elect new board members. We apologize if Thursday’s are an issue, but it is the only time available at the Alafaya Library in the evening.

Feb 23


Thank you for visiting our new website for our community, Sandy Creek Home Owners Association. We wish to use this website to promote community involvement, communication and safety. We encourage our homeowners and tenants to be involved to help make our community a friendly environment for the better of all.