Oct 21

Annual HOA Meeting

We are having our annual HOA Meeting on December 12th at 7pm at the Alafaya library on East Colonial Drive. If we have enough people, we will vote for the board and discuss concerns on how we can make our community better.

We have invited Warren Cox from Sunrun to answer solar panel questions and Reda Soodi for your roofing needs. They will each have 2 minutes to talk and you can meet with them after we are done with the meeting.

Sep 25

Hurricane Repair

Thankfully many of our homeowners got their roof fixed before the hurricane and our roofs still look like new. Reda Soodi has been great to work with and hopefully he can help you fix your roof. Please give him a call for a free quick roof inspection.

Reda Soodi 407-756-8870


Aug 10

Solar is Approved

Sandy Creek HOA hopes everyone can go green and take advantage of solar power to reduce and eliminate your electic bill. Many of our home owners are taking advantage of SunRun and Vivint Solar with their eliminate your electric bill promise along with warrantee guarantee.

Call their local agent Warren Cox at 321-458-0664 and mention Promo Code MKT for your free Nest Thermostat with installation.

Jun 22

Emergency Alert

A resident today let us know there were 2 guys in a van claiming to be tree cutters trying to break into her house. She came home and caught them and later found them in another part of the neighborhood.

Please be on the look out to keep our community a safe place. If someone doesn’t look like they should be there, feel free to ask them what are they doing and to show you some identification. If you feel uncomfortable call 911 or Orange County Sheriff at 407-254-7000. Then please advise our HOA Manager Beth at Property First at 407-282-6795 or beth@propfirst.com.

Feb 22

Sandy Creek 2016 EOY Financial Report

Oct 14

Parking on the Street

There have been some complaints about people parking on both sides of the road. Unfortunately there are no rules in the HOA By-laws or State Laws against parking on both sides of the street. The law says that cars may not be parked blocking driveways, fire hydrants, and in the wrong direction. We prefer nobody block your mailbox.

We need to be thankful that Sandy Creek does not have the parking problems you can find down most neighborhoods closer to UCF and down Avalon Park. Many would like the HOA to be the bad guy and tell people they cannot do something when it creates an inconvenience.

We need to properly utilize our driveways and garages.  We need to come together as a community and be able to communicate in a friendly way with neighbors. Please print the form below as many times as you like and make sure you include your information if you are going to leave it on a windshield so we can have friendly neighborhood interactions. Hopefully your friendly gesture will benefit each of you in the long run as you have an extra set of eyes that care about your well being. If there are more than 3 cars, we hope it generates to a local interaction like a lunch where you all can come together, meet, converse and create healthy neighborhood relations.

Parking Form

Mar 03

Warning: Roofers Looking for Work

There are a couple of roofing companies working with independent insurance adjusters who are going around offering a free inspection for storm damage. They claim to work with your insurance company to file the claim and you will only be responsible for the deductible.

It is strongly recommended to get a 2nd opinion:

  1. That independent insurance adjuster collects 20% regardless if you get your roof replaced.
  2. Your insurance company will send out an inspector who may deny the claim.
  3. It shows as a homeowners claim and your insurance rates may go up.
  4. The damage may be minor. Although you may see signs of water coming through, it may be from the center cap going down your house and not anywhere else on the roof.

Many roofing companies will come out the same day to inspect and provide you with a written inspection.

If you do decide to get your roof replaced, please complete an Architectural Review Application found in Frequently Asked Question and submit to Property First. Patching the roof is not allowed.

Feb 03

Trash Pickup

I hope everyone likes having the same trash can and not worrying about the workers break them as has happened in the past.  It is acceptable to store the new containers on the side of your home. Obviously there is a change in collection procedures and how other items are picked up. The sticker is on your recycling can. If you have yard trash, computer or TV equipment, tires and other stuff that doesn’t belong in the Recycling Can, you are to call 407-836-6601 to have it picked up.


For more information visit:  http://www.orangecountyfl.net/tabid/3313/default.aspx#.VrJY6MtOnqA

Dec 30

Car Break-ins

So just a head’s up, the neighborhood was hit by a group last night. The neighbor at 1849 Sandy Creek caught it on their driveway camera’s. It seemed to be fairly organized. The car drove up at parked around 2:15am. Three people got out of the cars and ran around the neighborhood checking all the parks for open doors. They loaded back in and drove deeper into the neighborhood off cam presumably doing the same thing.

The cameras picked them up and got a face of one them. The kids at the house think they know who it is and wanted me to pass along the info to the bike officer who now patrols the neighborhood so they can show him the video.

Dec 25

The Christmas lights contest winners.

1st Place

2nd Place


3rd Place

Thank you for all that participated. It was a little harder to pick the winners.

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